Integrative Myotherapy offers comprehensive bodywork with the goal of bringing alignment to the body to restore structure and function. Treatment includes thorough assessment procedures with progress tracking to work towards specific goals. Goals vary from recovery from surgery, compliment physical therapy or chiropractic care, establish a stress management routine, or to simply maintain health and wellness.

Massage Defined by the Michigan Board of Massage Therapy
The practice of massage therapy is defined as the application of a system of structured touch, pressure, movement, and holding to the soft tissue of the human body in which the primary intent is to enhance or restore the health and well-being of the client. Benefits of massage include pain reduction, relief from muscle tension, increasing circulation, improve mobility/range of motion, rehabilitation from injury or other reason discussed during your intake. The practice of Massage Therapy does not include medical diagnosis; practice of physical therapy, electrical stimulation; application of ultrasound; or prescription of medicines.

Appointments & Payment
Initial Consultation is the first visit where we discuss your health history, conduct a Postural and Gait analysis, perform Range of Motion and Manual Muscle Testing (if applicable), set goals and develop a treatment plan. This assessment lasts approximately 15 minutes, and is followed by a 60-minute massage treatment. After the first session, you may book a 60-minute ($75), 75-minute ($85) or 90-minute ($100) session. Integrative Myotherapy accepts cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards. We do not bill insurance companies for services, but do accept Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as a form of payment with the medical diagnosis of Massage Therapy by your Primary Care Physician. Children and teens are welcome, but an adult guardian must be present with the minor.  

Business hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m Monday-Thursday and 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m on Friday, with sessions scheduled by appointment only. The first appointment is scheduled with enough time for the intake procedure and 60-minute session to be completed within the scheduled 75-minute slot. If you arrive early and the door is closed, the therapist is still in session or preparing the room. If this is the case, please wait upstairs in the lobby until the time of your appointment. Clients arriving late will be charged the full fee of the session, and the session will end promptly at the scheduled time. Appointment cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time. Appointment cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice, otherwise full payment for the missed session is expected. Extenuating circumstances, such as sudden emergencies or bad weather, are exempt.

Expectations and Rights
The client is expected to demonstrate good hygiene and not use illegal drugs or alcohol before the session, as the use of drugs and alcohol make it unsafe to receive massage. Clients are expected to refrain from any behavior of a sexual nature, including sexual jokes, nicknames, or immodest conduct. Sexual behavior from the client toward the therapist is inappropriate and will lead to the termination of the session and refusal of further service. Law enforcement will be notified if deemed appropriate. The client has a right to prompt, professional service in an environment that is clean, private, and safe. Client information is not shared with any members of the public or other health-care providers unless the client releases the information in writing.

Your Massage Session
After all intake procedures are complete, the therapist will review the form and objective findings with you, and discuss your goals for the session. Your session will be customized to meet your specific needs within the scope of practice as defined by Michigan licensing regulations. Draping and treatment is consistent with client safety, comfort, and privacy in compliance with recognized professional standards of massage therapy practice. Only the area being massaged at the time is undraped as the session proceeds. You may leave on your underclothing if you prefer. While the therapist will ask you a few questions—for instance, about the comfort of pressure and room temperature—you should let the therapist know immediately if you are not comfortable. Following treatment, the therapist will explain findings and treatment that was provided, and discuss at-home care for between sessions.